3 Martha Fumagalli discusses coming from a 'less politicised generation'


In 1996 when you joined Women in Publishing would you have described yourself as a feminist?

Not really, not really because I saw with suspicion any institution and anything which became institutionalised. I didn’t like it. And so no I wouldn’t have wanted to describe me as a feminist and I know that the founders were much more political than we were. I think that my generation overall was less political. Maybe we didn’t need to. We didn’t need to because we inherited quite a lot from the past generation. In a way they cleared the path for us.  So, we came, it was quite easy for us.

Overall, of course, there is still discrimination etc, now the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the opposite direction, sadly,  but then, you know, feminists in the past, for them they could have lost their job if they were found out to be members, for us it was good to have it on our CV.  So they had done the work for us, in other words.  And their generation, maybe because they had to fight more, at least that’s how I perceive it, was more politicised. Definitely

When I joined there were people who were feminists, but overall, you know, they were mild feminists, overall.

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