1 Miranda Harrison recalls how WiP's priorities evolved during its first decade


My knowledge and understanding of its early foundation was that it didn’t matter what your age was or what your experience was it was women getting together and saying ‘For God’s sake, we need to be counted’ (Laughs) Um, this is ridiculous, the situation is ridiculous, you know, we need to club together and there are a lot of things we need to do. By the time I joined, so 1990-91, so that’s a decade and a bit later, there was a very strong training programme,  there was training conferences, there was an extremely good committee, a committee that had done amazing things. They’d turned it into a very career-led organisation.  I mean, clearly it was career led for women, and about women and giving women opportunities but it wasn’t just a case of  we have to get together and be seen as a body. It had shifted into, this is a serious career oriented training, oriented group. And yes, there was a very strong feminist agenda, but it, but it was part of a career agenda.

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