4 Diane Spivey reflects on how the decline of feminism affected WiP in the 1990s


And when you think we are going into the ’90s  there was a real sort of backlash against feminism.  It all became about girl power and being laddish and being out with blokes and it was a very different form of women trying to be noticed in a different way.   And I think that was part of the demise of some of those women only spaces with a lot of women not wanting to be seen as feminists.  Just about reaction against it.   And people feeling I think, that their battle had been won.  You know, the younger generation going why do we need this?  ‘Cos you know, we can get on in publishing,  we don’t get treated badly, we’re not all just secretaries any more,  without necessarily realising what had gone before and also without necessarily realising that in some cases there were still a lot of battles to be won

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