6 Diane Spivey discusses what WiP was for


It was a real mixture I think, and I think different people had different views. So partly it was a bit of networking, partly it was a bit of consciousness raising in the old fashioned Women’s Lib sort of way, partly it was protesting about things, forming committees to look at individual areas.  And I think different people brought different things to that mix.  I mean some people had, I think there were people there who saw it very much as a professional networking, potentially a professional networking association.  There were other people who saw it as much more a radical, more political body.

Where did you see those two sides coming out?

I seem to remember some of the early elections for committee members and things like that.  I can remember there was a woman, who actually was on the committee with me, who was a very interesting woman.  She was one of the few women who had a sales background and she was very much not the radical political side of things.  She was a sort of much more of an old fashioned professional and I do remember her making a bid to be on the committee one year and saying something very unwise about dungareed lesbians, I think it was,  and realising immediately that she’d got the tone wrong completely ‘cos there probably were several dungareed lesbians in the room and it did not go down well at all and she withdrew.  She did eventually end up on the committee because I think it was a bit of an education for her to realise that the diversity of women that were around in the group, and she was very much on one side of the divide and there were people who were, sort of, a bit more radical.

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