13 Sarah Jane Evans discusses WiP's mix of senior and junior members


The good thing about it at the very beginning was that it was a mixture of women in quite senior positions or quite longstanding roles in the industry and then the rest of us who maybe were in our early 20s who were only just beginning.

What was so interesting was that it was such a democratic organisation.  You could meet the person next to you, who was also working in a basement in another building who had maybe the same experience as you, and then there were people who were in more senior roles in the industry, and then I think there’s a certain magnetism when you get, when you realise there’s someone there who has had a long history in publishing who has a senior role, or maybe one of the gatekeepers, has experience, can talk to you with experience and you’re actually all just meeting each other as equals.

So that’s, there was no other place that one could do that.  There was no other network, no other way that we could find to talk to each other.  So without Women in Publishing there wouldn’t have been anything.  And that’s quite interesting – that it filled a hole which we were all wanting to have filled.

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