9 Clare Baker reflects on the importance of WiP's research in quantifying the barriers facing women


Things like the survey and the Reviewing the Reviewers bridged the gap between, between, ‘Oh,’ you know, kind of, ‘they’re just moaning’, to actually quantifying stuff.  I mean I’m a great believer in a bit of actual fact.  And that, you know, those two things did do that.  It said actually it’s not just, ‘Oh well, women can’t run companies because they’re too busy doing other things’. No, they don’t run companies because some of the people in charge actually think they can’t.

So actually getting that information out – you know, information sets you free, I think – and I do think it made it very respectable to be concerned about things like this, and it certainly wasn’t before. I mean, because actually the main WiP was very respectable, the training courses we did.

So, you know, it was like the main WiP had proved that actually we could run an organisation, thank you very much, so the campaigning bits were able to use that and say ‘Well, we, as a group, also have done this and, you know, provided this information’. So I’m sure there’s still plenty to change, but then, I think to some extent people’s needs have changed.

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