6 Clare Baker discusses the glass ceiling and 'Twice and Many, Half as Powerful'


It was very much about the glass ceiling.  We wanted to understand why it was that we weren’t, because there were so many women in publishing, why weren’t we running the industry?  You know, we were all aware that whatever it was we were being paid it wasn’t as much as a male colleague.

But I think we were more interested in the power aspect than the salary aspect, although obviously that was an issue as well, but it was certainly more about who gets promoted and why and who goes on to, you know, run the company as opposed to finding all the brilliant books.

And obviously we were looking to interview the big publishers because we actually wanted to concentrate on the companies that basically employed the most people. And we wanted to be sure we interviewed people from all the different areas, so editorial, distribution, sales, warehousing, you know all of those sorts of areas.

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