14 Jane Cholmeley on the various waves of feminism and how WiP may be a template for the future


People go on about waves of feminism.  You know, the wave hits the beach, it comes up the beach, it rolls back a bit and then it comes up again and it rolls back a bit.  And I feel just recently that we’ve been going backwards.  When the poorest people in society end up paying the bills for the bank crisis and you know that many of those poor people in society will be women; and child care is squeezed; and male parental leave isn’t happening; when we move into the gig economy, and you think who is it that works part time mostly.  It’s women.  We’re getting in to the worst of times and so we have to, we have to get going again.  And in order to get going again, we need to know what happened before, so that we can build on that and not make the same mistakes.  Not necessarily do it all the same way but learn, progress, re-energise. You know, the time has come!

I really, really hope this is true.

You know, if Women in Publishing of 1979 is of use to other women who may be further down the track,  not so far down the track.  We are a module, a template that can be borrowed and built upon.

And I really hope that’s the case.

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