10 Kay Symons on the lessons WiP imparted


There clearly has been a massive change in the number of women that we’ve seen at those high levels and, OK, maybe we’re going through a little bit of a dip in some of the most high profile ones being replaced by men now.  But I think most companies, if we looked at them, we’d find a wave of women coming up behind who are also being promoted into those senior roles.  And you see that in educational publishing as well as in most trade organisations.  And some of those women are the women who were in Women in Publishing,  Gail Rebuck being the obvious example,  you know who clearly,  herself,  took into work the same kind of things that we were talking about in Women in Publishing about obviously women can do these jobs really well if they put their minds to it, and demonstrating that very clearly.

So I think there’s been, some of it’s happened because of the external environment, because of the legal changes, because of the whole, you know, women’s rights agenda having developed anyway.  But I think, specifically in publishing, it would be really hard now for a manager to think about a publishing business as if it was only staffed by men.

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