6 Diane Spivey reflects on the birth of the Pandora Prize


The Pandora Award,  that came up, I think during  my second year on the Committee. It was about the time we thought that the Pink Pig thing is really not working out terribly well to our favour. And we decided to do the opposite. To have a, an award which would honour a woman who had done lots of things in publishing and had helped other women or had reached a certain level. I do remember somebody being sent out to buy the wonderful award that it ended up being which is one of those writing boxes where you fold, fold down the top lid and it gives you a  velvety slope on which to write with places for your pens and things. And I remember us going in and deciding how much money we were going to spend on this award and that it was going to be something that got passed on from one Winner of the award to another. I thought it was a really, sort of, really good, generous idea to help other women

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