4 Jane Judd recalls the year a Pink Pig was awarded to author Barbara Cartland


There was an element of mischief, perhaps, in the WiP membership. Somebody must have suggested somewhere along the line that we ought to castigate those people who were putting women in disrepute in the publishing industry. And somebody suggested Barbara Cartland. And I must have blushed to my roots and said ‘I absolutely agree but she is my author’. Because when I was at Arrow I was handed a number of authors to look after and Barbara got me. I don’t think she was one that one would call a feminist. And when I told her that she was being awarded the Pink Pig,  she was thrilled. She thought this was hilarious. She, she, well I expect she wasn’t the recipient of many awards, if any. And I collected it at the Ceremony, at the Christmas Party and said something like ‘Barbara is thrilled and delighted, honoured to be the recipient of this lovely Pink Pig.
And then I sent it to her, which she then said she was going to feed to the dogs. [laughs] Seems a shame that she didn’t keep it on the mantle piece. I wonder if anybody ever did. [laughs] How many Pink Pigs were ever awarded? But that was, you know, perhaps a low light of my career.

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