1 Anne Dolamore: 'I was a woman who could talk about cricket'


I got invited up to Faber for an interview, and the prospect of Faber was fantastic.  I mean they were the great literary publisher, I mean virtually every volume of poetry or plays or anything I had was published by Faber at that time. All the greats were there.

So I went up and I was interviewed by Tony Pocock, who was the sales and marketing director, and my CV, such as it was at that time, read like an issue of The Sporting Life. At school and at university I’d spent all of my time doing sport, and I loved cricket.

And I didn’t realise that then, and it’s still to a certain extent true, publishing in those days: one, an unbelievably male bastion, I mean there were women around but we’re talking ’76 now, you know were secretaries or they might have done a bit of publicity or editorial but outside of that it was male, male, male. And it was hugely dominated by a culture of loving cricket.

Now my CV said, and Tony saw this and he said, ‘Cricket! You like cricket?’ I said, ‘I love cricket.’  We spent about two hours talking about cricket. That was it. I got in because I was a woman who could talk about cricket.

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