9 Nina Shandloff reflects on putting her feminist principles into practice through organising WiP's training courses


Well, maybe it’s because my mother was a teacher, but it seemed to me that in terms of being a feminist there are various aspects and one is to do things with women, just generally, which these training courses were: to encourage women to fulfil whatever potential they wished to fulfil.  And it’s easier and more successful, I think, to try to change an external situation if you are more comfortable with your personality, your character, your ways of doing things.  All of that is inherently feminist.

And I was interested in doing things within a women-only context, and it seemed to me that whether you are giving people skills or a window onto something that they’re interested in or personal development, that just by running the course, attending it, being with the people, seeing the trainers, this was all contributing in probably a rather vague way, but certainly in a way to behaving in a feminist manner.

It’s not the same thing as picketing or having a campaign.  It was just to kind of spread it out more and, within the publishing industry, to enact feminist principles rather than necessarily try to push them.

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